Create smooth, relaxing sounds with binaural beats.

Create and listen to tones anywhere, anytime. Great for focusing, sleeping, studying and more. Create custom binaural beats for an office or study area. Create a custom binaural session to put yourself in the perfect mindset.

Binaural, meaning two ears, is the fundatmental concept of binaural beats. Two distinct frequencies are simultaneously played into opposite ears. The brain perceives the difference in the frequencies and attempts to mimic the frequency pattern. There are five frequency ranges associated with different levels of brain activity.

The five frequency ranges associated with brain activity:

Wave TypeLow (Hz)High (Hz)Brain Pattern Association
Delta11.5≤ f <4Associated with deep sleep.
Theta14≤ f <9Associated with experiencing a steady flow of thought or trance-like state.
Alpha19≤ f <15Associated with recent completion of a highly engaged activity.
Beta115≤ f <40Associated with highly engaged activity.
Gamma240≤ f <-Associated with memory storage processing and highly concentrated activities.

Binaural beats example: